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Holy Eucharist

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The Holy Eucharist

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All of us in this community, wherever we are on our journey of faith, are called into membership by a common purpose: to maintain and to secure for the future the living, thriving works of this special place, to the glory of God.  See More>>

The Friends of the American Cathedral is an international organization upholding in prayer and standing in solidarity with the unique mission and ministry of America's only Cathedral in Europe.

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Senior Warden Jeb Seder cordially invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting of the association. It will be held on Feb. 1st in the Cathedral beginning at 9:45.  A lunch will be offered afterward. In addition we will vote to elect six vestry members from the following list. Biographies can be found HERE>> The polls open at 9.15 a.m. and close at 11 a.m. Absentee ballots will be available in the office for pledging members unable to attend. Or contact Tony Holmes to be mailed or emailed a ballot at:

Mark Adams
Sophie Belouet
Kate Bourdet
Lawrence Giesen
Susan Greig
Delphine Kilhoffer

The AGM will have the following agenda:
1.  Approval by vote of the accounts of the Association.  View HERE>>
2.  Discussion of the budget for 2015
3.  Senior Warden's report.      
 The EGM will have the following agenda:
Approval of the revised articles of association, presented by Chad Dilley. The revisions, under Working Group, and previous versions and discussion, under Annual General Meeting, can be found HERE>>
11:00 am Holy Eucharist
4. (During the sermon) Dean's report
The AGM will continue with the following agenda:
5.  Presentation by Sunday School and youth leaders,
     children's singing, youth presentation
6.  Other questions
7.  Announcement of vestry election results
8.  Adjournment, lunch and fellowship


Allison Glasgow Lafontaine
Anne Cornell-Pouret
Andrea Richard
Luis Roth
Bill Tompson