Learning & Spirituality

Learning about our faith, our world, and ourselves is an important part of life at the American Cathedral. We strive to offer rich and diverse opportunities for learning to all ages.

Within our own congregation we have experts on many issues which touch our lives as Christians and many thoughtful and reflective parishioners and clergy who have much to share with us. Sunday Forums are the usual settings for engaging in dialogues on the many issues that interest us, although we host occasional panel discussions and special conferences. During Lent a weekly spiritual education evening is offered.

Our children are nurtured through a large and dynamic Sunday School program. Youth groups begin in the junior high years and carry on through High School graduation. The Journey to Adulthood program was instituted in 2007 for twelve and thirteen-year-olds.

Bible Study has become a major focus for many parishioners in recent years. In addition to a year-long weekly program during the day, shorter series are offered, sometimes twice a week.


The program helps youth explore the many facets of adolescence and offers a chance to discover how faith can guide and shape the journey to adulthood.

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Sunday School

Sunday School plays an important role in the formation of modern Christian life, and a sound start to a child’s lifelong journey of faith.

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